Part of the human experience is at some point the need to deal with death.  This may be the death of someone close or distant, but it makes no difference, the passing of another changes the life of all that they have touched.

This last Saturday my dear friend and spiritual family member passed through the veil to walk with the ancestors.  She was 50 years old.  Teresa was a beautiful person, one that didn’t like people to fuss over her.  If she could have talked to everyone at the moment we were all in her home, she probably would have told us not to worry, not to hurt, that in the end she would still be with us because nothing truly ever dies.  I know that it is the memory carried in the heart that continues to give life to an individual.  It is the smile of a grandchild, a phrase spoken so naturally that it makes a person pause and think of those that have gone before us.  It is the memory that keeps them alive.

But for the moment, the need to grieve and to allow the process of moving on must be tended to.  We grieve, we mourn, we wonder why such an early death, why her.  There is no answer to the questions, at least none that will give any solace to those still living.  The grief is ours to have, ours to live and travel through and we will.  We will go on understanding that she is still with us, that all that have passed are still with us in one way or another.  Then there is the moving on.  Not our moving forward and on, but Teresa’s.

I have been asked where do you go after the vessel that holds the spirit no longer functions; where do we go when we die.  My only answer is that it depends.  Every religion on earth has its own interpretation of what happens after death.  In my heart I know that the Somerlands wait for all of us where we can rest and gain strength to journey back to continue the lessons that we need to complete or help those that connected to us.  That is my belief and the journey to the Somerlands is something that we will all undertake some day.  For now though it is time to help Teresa on her way, to help her move through the ethos, so that all she need do is rest and rejuvenate.

We will do ritual for her – a specific ritual.  It will be a requiem, a passing ritual, that will cut her ties to the physical world and allow her to move with Spirit on this journey.  It will be difficult, it will be one of the saddest days I have yet lived, but it is necessary and I will do this with love.  How could I not?  How could I think selfishly to hinder her on her way?  I can’t; I love her as my sister and so will do what I can to give her peace.  But I should make it clear, it is not the end.  Teresa will travel freely through the Somerlands, through the boundaries of the veil, to spend time with us as she chooses.  How do I know this? 

Because she locked the dead bolt on my backdoor yesterday morning leaving me outside without a key.  May the joy of her return be quick.