I was tired yesterday, very tired.  I was/am fighting a cold, I have become weary of talking to the media, and I just want to move forward with what I am doing with the students.  Nothing outrageous, but working toward getting the office settled, helping one student plan out her moon ritual, discussing directional coordinates and color alignments, and other such stuff.  All those things that are necessary when you talk about doing what we do.

But there in my box were two items.  The first was a “while you were out” message slip.  Another reporter.  I am tired.  I ask the office staff if there guidelines on talking to the media.  Are we required when it is requested?  Their suggestion was to seek advice from the Dean or above and so I did.  My old friend wasn’t around to answer the  email, I knew that would be the case due to all of the events of the week.  I’m not talking about events surrounding anything in particular, but just life in general at a major university.  So here I was, needing to make a decision regarding the reporter – he had also emailed me the request to make sure that I got it.

I decided to put off the decision and reached for the second item that was in my box.  It was a letter – handwritten.  It was from a woman, a solitary Wiccan who is still very closeted regarding her path.  She was writing to congratulate and thank me for what I was doing.  She discussed how she hoped that I could help dispel the hate, fear and misconception of who and what we are.  In the end she told me that there were many people who send me their love and their blessings.  Her words stayed with me all day, all evening, and into this morning.  I reread the letter I don’t know how many times and found that she had provided me with the answer that I had been looking for.  I may be tired but that is okay, I chose this path and for the moment it is my task to work through the questions and inquiries. 

I emailed the young man this morning, received his questions, and answered them promptly.  Sometimes the smallest voice, the kind word of a stranger, is all that is needed to give clarity to a situation.  I thank this solitary practitioner for reaching out to me when I was weary.