Over the course of the past few weeks something has been nagging at me.  In fact it is something that I have noticed over the last few years.  Pagans in education are not talking to one another very effectively.  In fact, unless they know each other through some other venue such as a festival, mutual friends, or the like, pagans in education don’t necessarily talk to each other at all.  I am as guilty as the rest – I talk to my friends and I haven’t talked much about what I have been doing over the last nine years at the University.  I want to change that. I want to connect pagans in education and I want to talk about what we do.  Or maybe what we don’t do.

I’ve created a LinkedIn group “Pagans in Education” and invite any staff member, administrator, or faculty member working in an educational institution to join.  I initially thought only about post high school people, but I’ve changed that thought.  I want all of us to start talking.  There is so much that we can do as a group to begin dispelling the stereotypes that surround our faith traditions, to create safe spaces for individuals and groups to practice, and most importantly to give students and parents resources to turn to in our halls of education.  So please, if you are in the educational field or know someone who is and are pagan or pagan friendly, join the group and lets begin the conversation.  If you don’t have a LinkedIn account you can sign up at http://www.linkedin.com.