Until last night I had taken about a two-week break from posting.  The break was due to two reasons.  First, it was Spring Break at the University and I was taking advantage of staying at home and tending to things on the farm.  Second, I wanted to reflect on the past six weeks and all of the events that have taken place. I must say that it has been an interesting road.

Navigating the media, meeting individuals finding the courage to come out, and working through the processes of “settling” into an already established spiritual community has been interesting.  I’ve met a great diversity of people throughout the weeks and have to admit that, while at times trying, it has over all been a positive experience.  Questions about Paganism have been raised by others, I’ve asked questions regarding other faith traditions.  This after all is the goal: to learn about others in order to understand what we have in common (the intent of the heart) is greater than our differences (practices, mythologies, and belief structures).  Has the time lead to unanswered questions and questions that haven’t been asked yet?  Absolutely.  But the positive is that people are beginning to talk about who and what we are.

Has it all been smooth?  No, but that is okay, confusion creates a space that allows discussion to take place.  When we talk we begin to see others in different light and allow ourselves to be introduced to new ideas.  It doesn’t mean that we need to accept those new ideas, but as with the Tower card, once lightning  illuminates the darkness our perspectives are changed permanently.  We can no longer move through the darkness not knowing what is out there. We have been exposed to what lies across the field, if even for only a moment, and therefore our world has been permanently changed.  Change can be painful, most people resist it, but it is inevitable.  So, as I move forward through Spring and into Summer I also will change, my perspective with be expanded and hopefully the future will give me the same gifts of enlightenment as the last six weeks have.