Several of you have suggested that we use PayPal to accept funds from people for the students.  We took all of your advice, had been working on the account for a while, and we can now accept monies through PayPal.  So if you would like to help out the students in their fund-raising efforts but prefer to use PayPal you can now do so.  Just log into PayPal at and hit the “send money” button.  Use the email address as the person to send funds to.  This will put the funds directly into the account setup for the student’s fundraising. (It stands for Church of the Greenwood Campus Pagans.)

I appreciate all of the help that has been given so far and all that I know that will be coming in the future. Once again, please pass this along to those you know and those beyond that and may the gods and goddesses bless all of you and your generosity.