It has been a special week so far.  On Monday I spoke with of students on topics ranging from Hendricks Chapel and what makes it work to Atheism.  These discussions really didn’t have anything to do with Pagans or paganism, but my opinions on the various subjects to be included in their class projects.  What made the discussions special was when I began to think about them later.

In one “interview” that wanted to find out how the different religions/belief systems get along and work together so well; what makes Hendricks Chapel unique.  In the conversation the student told me he had interviewed several people, chaplains and administrators, and asked the same question.  What he had found was an interesting attitude when specifically asked about how easy it to integrate Paganism into the mix was.  He was told that administrators never asked us/me to “water down” what we do.  And it is true, they never have.  I have always been given full support in all areas.  That isn’t to say there aren’t things that I have decided over the years aren’t a good idea for a college campus.

First, no sky clad rituals.  I don’t know about anyone else, but this just doesn’t seem like a good idea on a campus. Second, I don’t hold Beltainne on campus.  I don’t want to add sex energy to a campus that is already full of hormones, once again doesn’t seem like a good or responsible thing to do.  Last, no athames.  Come on, no matter how you look at it they are a double-bladed knife (generally speaking) and considered a weapon.  You can’t have it in your control 24/7 and who knows what your room mates boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s best friend’s new party friend is going to do.  That being said, we do everything else.

So Monday night the students met like every Monday evening.  Everyone had asked the same question at some point: “So Mary, what are we going to do tonight?” But business first; there was a couple of “things” to discuss and get out-of-the-way regarding information that they all needed. When that was done I started in on what I had planned: spell making/spell casting.  Something that I think gets talked about a lot but practical instruction doesn’t necessarily occur.  Did I teach how to do specific spells? No.  More to the point, how to construct a spell and the ethics behind why you would or wouldn’t do this type of work.  The evening was great, lots of questions on everything from the difference between a spell and a curse, why would you use a binding spell, what a “love spell” really is, the cost of doing spell work, and lots more.  The evening was great.  One of the students asked it was okay to do spell work for personal gain.  He had heard/read/been told that it was not a good idea, that it was “forbidden”. 

I explained that it was my personal opinion that doing work for yourself, your own “personal gain” was perfectly okay, in fact we all do it all the time.  How many times do we ask for energy to help us get a job, understanding, healing, or… well you get the picture.  It doesn’t make us bad people.  How many times do we WISH to do well in our work, or personal relationships, to be able to make the bills?  Spell work is part of this; I also explained that I had been doing as much work to allow the Universe to open opportunities to help us raise money for their trip during spring break.  That is in a sense personal gain, but it is always done with the highest good in mind.  Let the opportunities present themselves without hurting anyone in the process. I don’t want someone to give funds instead of paying a bill.  That isn’t productive.  The evening was wonderful, the most important part, the ethics part was understood. Do what you will but do it ethically and with the greatest good in mind.  Intention is everything.

The next day I received an email regarding the Interfaith trip and I knew that magic had happened, spells were at work using an unlikely source.  One of the students had secured $4000 for the trip; $1000 for each student.  The Universe had answered the energy put out there by everyone, money was found that could be used.  Like I said magic happens.  Are we at our final goal yet? No.  We still need about $9000, but it will happen.  We have things planned.  The students understand that you can’t just cast a spell and do nothing else.  They are planning fund-raisers of all sorts and the money will come.  I thank everyone that has already given and who plans on giving in the future, we will continue to what we are going to do.

In the meantime remember that magic happens, spells really do work, and I hope that you find joy and unexpected happiness in your day.