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Time for an update on the progress made so far in fundraising for the Interfaith trip this Spring.

First, I want to thank everyone and the generosity that they have shown during the past few months.  The energy and effort have worked hand in hand to create the prosperity necessary to see that this trip become a reality. The manifestation of funding has been incredible but we are not yet finished.

We are close, between now and March 1st we need to raise our last $2900.  So how are we going to do that?  Well, a couple of ways and this is where, once again, you can help.  We will be doing the following:

  1. Everyone is encouraged to contribute directly if you haven’t already.  We never turn down funding.
  2.  “Day of Divination” on campus where students can come and enjoy the divining skills of the campus pagans. 
  3. A psychic fair held for the community at large.

Anyone can send their contribution through PayPal.  Just log in at and hit the “send money” button.  Use the email address as the email to send funds to.  This will put the funds directly into the account setup for the student’s fundraising. 

The “Day of Divination” is the result of students wanting to hold a psychic fair of their own on campus.  I mean just imagine – going to class and then off to get a bite to eat, in the process you stop in the lounge and have a tarot reading or some other sort of reading along the way.  The cost will be a donation of any size.  The students will be doing the readings, I will as well, and in the process we will be talking and educating about divination versus fortune-telling. This will be held January 28th in the Nobel Room for you students that are reading.

Our psychic fair will be held February 5th, 5-8 pm, at the May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society (3800 E Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY).  I’m very excited about this particular event.  There will be several readers available during the entire evening.  You can choose from runes to tarot and a few other methods of divination.  Along with the readers we will be holding an auction for several different items.  One of the main contributors is Dryad Design of Vermont.  Through their generosity we will be auctioning several pieces of statuary and jewelry.  You can see the photos of the items below.  If you aren’t able to come to the evenings events (like you live in Kansas) but want to bid, send me an email and I’ll make sure that you are in the running for the piece.  We also have handcrafted offering bowls (small) from our friend Raven, tie dye pieces generously donated by Luna Moonflower, and a tarot party for six to just name a few.  Dessert will be on hand for purchase.  That’s right.  Cookies, cake, and other goodies to feast on while you wait to have a reading!  At 7 pm we will be entertained by a troop of belly dancers to round out the evening. 

So one way or another we will get there.  I ask that if you can contribute.  This really is an important event, one that should not be passed by.  The students have worked so hard to get this far it’s time to just get this done.  We are close; $2900 is just a step away.  The full amount is due March 1st so please help if you can.

The festivities are done, the days are growing longer, reflections of the year past are in my head, and the lessons I’ll take forward are here. 

Each year after the Solstice I go into a small hibernation, and hence the reason I’ve been quiet for the past couple of weeks.  A friend of mine commented that I use to disappear this time of year; his voice was laced with both laughter and amazement and yet, he was right.  I thought about what he said and the changes that I’ve gone through this past year and the dark seasons prior.

Change; a simple word and yet one laced with both fear and excitement.  Change is what this is all about.  The darkest time of the year, the time between Samhain and Yule, is one of deep introspection for me.  I reflect on the year(s) that passed and look to see where I was, where I am, and where it is I wish to be.  This year was no different. 

What my reflections are pose no consequence to anyone but me, they are private and will remain that way.  What is important is that I took stock of my life and what I have done with it over the past year.  From there I have been able to see what I feel good about, what I think I could have done better, and then I smile.  That’s right, I smile.  You see, a long time ago a very smart lady gave me some advice.  At the time I believe she thought it was advice to help me get through a particularly tough time.  What she probably didn’t know was that I would carry her words with me for the rest of my life. Her advice was simple:

“Never regret anything you have done.  Not one decision, not one turn, not one mistake, not anything.  The person you are today is a sum total of all the decisions, turns, mistakes, and victories that you have done.  If you regret anything you have done then you regret who you are, who you have become.  Who you are today is not something to regret.”

Sage words for sure.  I hear people speak of regrets and how they wish they could go back and change parts of their past.  But the wisdom you now have wouldn’t exist if you changed your past; the experience and insight you hold would be gone and how sad would that be?  So coming out of the darkness this year I do not regret, I hope no one else does either.  It doesn’t mean that all of my decisions were the right ones, it doesn’t mean that they all worked out as I planned; but it does mean that I learn from my past mistakes and move forward to where they take me. 

I see beauty in the future, for me and for all those around me. I see learning that life isn’t always what we want it to be but rather a wonderment of opportunity ready to be experienced.  May you find that wonder as well.  Look at your past and find the lessons.  Look at where you are and understand the insight you have been offered.  Look to the future and wonder what opportunities lay before you.  May your return to the light be beautiful.

Oh, and who gave me the advice?  My daughter when she was 15.

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