It has been a week since we arrived back from our adventure in England and it seems like we should be going back to see all that we weren’t able to. But I suppose that journey is yet to be. It also seems as if we have never left and are still there. I know at least it is that way for me, I know that I both left and took away something from my time on the Tor, my time in the stones.

I’ve seen all the students that went during this past week, some in passing and others for hours of deep conversations. I would say that we were all changed in deep and profound ways that have yet to be revealed. When we finally do find the moment to look back and see the changes that occurred it may be 5 or 10 years down the road. That is okay. As a very brilliant man said, the truest, deepest teaching is that which comes back far down the road as a revelation and a memory all at once. It isn’t the quick assessment at the end of the term. No, we are all still transitioning from who we were, to what we gained, and then on to what we are to become because of our experience.

I just want to thank everyone who helped both with energy or funding, in making this extraordinary experience a reality. Home is not what it used to be, it is something greater. It is the web of connection between all of us who participated including the sponsors. It is finding that there is something greater than the self, greater than the differences, greater than the inadequate words that we use to express ourselves. So, home that is where I am at. I am at a placer greater than I can imagine and I am there with all of you and then some.