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I read a recent post by my friend Patricia Lafayllve that said:

“For my ‘alternative’ religious friends – I hope some of you had a good Palm Sunday, and that others have a good Passover. (Well, what? You’re alternative to me in the way I’m alternative to you 🙂 All respectful comments intended.)”

How perfect is this statement? It reflects the sentiment of true interfaith understanding. We are alternative to each other. It makes no difference what religion you claim; someone is practicing an alternative religion to yours. This includes not just interfaith but also intrafaith differences. That’s right, intrafaith differences are just as important to recognize as interfaith differences. So how do we work through the differences and begin to accept one another. By understanding that we don’t need to all be the same, that’s how.

Interfaith so often focuses on what the similarities are, what is held in common. But it is just as important to accept that there are differences between belief systems. They are not the same. That is the beautiful part, no one has to be, nor should they be, the same. So the next time you think of someone as holding strange beliefs or practicing an odd alternative religion, think twice. They may think the same of you.

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