The Wheel of the Year has turned once again and we find ourselves facing the new year.  The harvests are in, more or less, the fires are lit, and it’s time to honor those that have gone through the veil before us and to reflect on what lies before us in the coming year. For many the road is clear and direct.  They know where they are going; the path in front of them was set long ago.  But for many there is uncertainty.  The loss of work, a place to live, health care has happened to someone you may know and/or love.  Heavens, it may have happened to you.  It is important to reflect on what the Wheel means now more than ever.

As we leave Samhain behind us we enter the darkest time of the year.  But we do so with the understanding that the Goddess is resting, her womb expanding, waiting to give birth to the God once again at Yule.  It is only out of the darkness, the chaos of the primordial sea, that order and light are born.

But for tonight, honor those that have passed this last year.  Light a candle, place and extra plate at the table, go outside and whisper their names – honor them through remembrance.  Do this and they may just help guide you through the dark.