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Once again Hendricks Chapel is taking students to London to explore the dynamics of interfaith understanding and cooperation. It is an amazing opportunity for the students who will be forming the future policies on social issues that are intertwined with religious acceptance. We have students that are working hard to earn the funds to be able to go on this trip and I’m asking that you help them in any way that you can. First, we have put together an online Avon fund-raiser. As my husband said “this isn’t your grandma’s Avon.” Lots of things from stocking stuffers, makeup, and fragrances to clothes, cookware and jewelry.

This particular event will last for about two weeks, ending on December 14th and in plenty of time for anything purchased for the holidays to arrive at your door. You can access the online event at, then use the special promotion code “SPIRAL” during checkout. When you do this 20% of all sales will go toward the students on this trip.

If you prefer to just donate directly you can do so through PayPal. Just log into PayPal and hit the “send money” button. Use the email address as the email to send funds to. This will put the funds directly into the account setup for the student’s fundraising. Remember to forward this on to all of those you know regardless of whether or not you think they will be interested. You might be surprised!

Both the students and I thank you deeply for your contributions both the trip but also for the interfaith understanding that such an event creates.

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