This is me, prior to a handfasting, preparing a ritual altar. 

This is who I am, a grandmother, mother, wife, partner, pagan, High Priestess, chaplain, friend, and a million other things that I can’t even begin to think of.  This blog is the online part of my work at Syracuse University as their Pagan Chaplain. 

As of February 1, 2010 that is the role that I have been given by diety – a role that I accept willingly and with a great deal of humility.  If you know me, you know that there will be laughter used liberally to educate others about who and what pagans are, a complex task if there ever was one.  I do not know it all, but I  will do the best I can for the University community.  I am also here to help people begin to discover their own path and help them find the next step as they continue their exploration. And last, but certainly not least, part of what I hope to do is  build bridges between faiths, finding both differences and similarities as resources as a common ground for acceptance of those that believe differently.

I know that I have learned a great deal about myself in the last 8+ years working with the students, my faith growing along the way. In that spirit, I hope this is a learning experience for everyone involved, I know it will be for me. 

If you want to get in touch with me for what ever reason, you can do so through Hendricks Chapel at Syracuse University.  Many blessings to all that pass through these pages, and may the journey begin.