Interfaith, an interesting word that can lead to many things; in the case of Syracuse University it has led to recognizing minority religions and value they bring to our world.  But it doesn’t mean just recognition here at the University, it means inclusion.

I have always wanted my beliefs to be accepted. Last year Syracuse University did just that, they accepted Paganism as a faith tradition when they recognized my appointment as a chaplain.  What a wonderful thing, but that could have been the end of it. Nothing else needed to be done other than give me the same space as the other chaplains have and life would return to “normal.”  But that wasn’t the case.  Hendricks Chapel at SU embraced its diversity, it embraced us. It is not just lip service given to placate a small group; it is true acceptance as a member of the faith community.

As with all the Chaplains, there is no funding from the University.  Each group is assumed to have the ability to financially support themselves.  The Church of the Greenwood is the sponsoring group of my Chaplaincy but all of its funds in the past have gone to put on our annual Pagan Pride Day leaving the funding of student/college work or prison ministry to the individuals who work in it.  For the last ten years I have used my own monies to make sure that students get the best experience in ritual and in education spiritually speaking.  But now the Church has agreed that help in funding our next generation’s path is something that we need to work on.  So now we move forward, but the Church has very little funding to help pay for the expense of ritual, education, or guests that come in from time to time.

So we turn to the Pagan community and its friends and ask that if you can please help us out with a monetary gift for the students.  We have a couple of ways to contribute funds.  First is through PayPal.  Just log in at and hit the “send money” button.  Use the email address as the email to send funds to.  Please designate that the donation is to support the work with students.

The second way is to send a check to the church directly.  If you are able to help please send your contribution to:

Church of the Greenwood
P.O. Box 5323
Syracuse, NY 13220

Make sure to mark “Campus Pagans” to route it properly.

I appreciate all of the help that has been given so far and all that I know that will be coming in the future.  Once again, please pass this along to those you know and those beyond that and may the gods and goddesses bless all of you and your generosity.